It’s not uncommon for retirees to miss the daily grind of work. After years of anticipation of leaving a job, many find they miss the contact with coworkers and the sense of accomplishment that a job provided. Yet, many who want to return to work feel daunted by the task of seeking employment. Here are a few tips to make the process go more smoothly.

  • Network, network, network. By now, you have accumulated a long list of friends, family, and colleagues. Put them to work for you. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a new job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 70% of jobs are found through networking. Become more active in the social and professional organizations you find interesting. Reconnect with old acquaintances. Take up a new hobby and find a club with similar interests.
  • Seek help with your resume and interviewing skills. Two things about a job search that have not changed over the years are the importance of a great resume and the fact that the candidate who interviews the best is likely to get the job. Get help with your resume by asking friends and family to review yours and offer suggestions. If you can afford a professional resume writer, it may be a good investment. However, you can achieve great results on your own with a book from the library or bookstore. In addition, brush up on your interviewing by having friends and family conduct mock interviews with you. There are many online resources of today’s common interview questions.
  • Use the internet as a job search tool. The internet is robust with websites dedicated to job searches—some specifically for job seekers over 50. Try these:

  • Refresh your look. Now is the perfect time to make changes to the way you and others see you. Explore courses in computer skills, project management or communications. Become a volunteer and add the experience to your resume. Spiff up your professional image by investing in a few new wardrobe pieces to update your look for interviews. Consider new glasses or a new hairstyle. While it is illegal to discriminate based on age, you will still have to overcome preconceptions and stereotypes about age that may hinder your success when dealing with younger candidates. Reinventing yourself can improve your chances of being selected.
  • Be flexible. Consider temporary or short-term assignments. Evaluate consulting opportunities. Explore your passions. Many people who changed careers after retiring are grateful for the opportunity to find their true calling.