As you prepare for retirement, it is important to collect, review and safely store important family and financial documents. While none of us wants to think about the end of our lives, it is important to prepare for our family members by making sure the documents are current and stored where a trusted family member or friend can easily locate them.
The following is a list of documents and information needed to administer an estate. A list of document locations and information should be given to your attorney, executor and any other person who may need them to execute your estate. The documents themselves should be stored in a secure location along with a copy of this list.



  Document Location


Names and telephone numbers for attorney, accountant, and financial advisor
Birth Certificates
Adoption Papers
Citzenship/Naturalization Papers
Military Discharge Papers
Last Will and Testament
Trust Documents
Burial Instructions (pre-paid services, plots, etc.)
Safe Deposit Boxes and/or Safes (with keys and/or combinations)
Powers of Attorney


Bank/Credit Union Accounts (Checking, Savings)
Retirement Accounts
Brokerage Accounts
Pension System Statements
Deferred Compensation Papers
Credit Card Accounts
U.S. Savings Bonds
Money Market Accounts
Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
Stock Certificates/Bonds


Real Estate Deeds
Mortgage Documents
Property Tax Records
Inventory of Assets (include appraisal if available)
Vehicle Titles
Income Tax Returns for Several Years
Rental/Lease Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Outstanding Loans (either owed to you or by you)
Pending Legal Actions/Lawsuits


Health Care Provider and plan or personal identification number
Living Will/Health Care Proxy
Long Term Care Policy Information
Life Insurance Policy Documents
Veterans Administration Insurance Policy
Mortgage Insurance Policy
Property and Casualty Policies
Organ Donor Information



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