Other advisors are focused on helping people save for retirement. But you’re past that point. You need expert help to figure out how to turn your savings into income, and in a way that carefully manages the details – like taxes, management fees, and Medicare surcharges – that can eat away at your portfolio.

Income Strategy™ will consolidate the information you input into a smart strategy for spending your savings in retirement. Income Strategy™ can show you different ways to manage the spend-down, and you can choose which seems to fit your situation best.

Income Strategy™ lets you keep control of your portfolio, yet it manages the details for you. You can choose a do-it-yourself option and tell the software how to handle the details, or you can let us take care of them. Either way, you’re always in control of your portfolio and how and when you get cash.

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With the Income Strategy™ DIY options, you have access to our:

  • Strategies – recommendations on spending your savings in a way that is tax-savvy and makes your savings last as long as possible
  • Manage Feature –tools to determine exactly which of your holdings to sell in order to generate income when you need it
  • Monitoring –alerts you can set up to be notified exactly when you need to make a change in your plan
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While some like to manage all the details themselves, it gets complicated. Our “we-do-it-with-you” option means exactly that – you’re still in control of your portfolio and how you spend it, we just help with the details. We’ll set up your profile with you, we’ll help you determine how you want your money managed, and we’ll make changes to your plan when you tell us to. The bottom line: you’re still the decision-maker, we’re the peace of mind that you’re doing it right.

Why pay to have your money in a model portfolio? We give it to you — free.

That’s right. Free. While you can choose to pay Vanguard, Fidelity, or someone else to buy and sell securities for you, we let you do it for free. You can choose to set your portfolio up just like Vanguard’s model, you can choose ones our own renown Dr. Bill Reichestein has created, or you can build your own.

Taxes? We’ve got that covered, too.

We’re sorry that you won’t need to pay extra to your CPA for tax advice on your investments, but our software manages your portfolio spend-down in the most tax-efficient way. SO you save on the taxes you have to pay to Uncle Sam – and on your CPA’s fees.

Worried you’ll make a mistake? Give us a call.

Income Strategy™ can alert you when your plan – including your spending or investment returns – are off-track, signaling you to make a change. And our retirement experts are available when you get stuck and need help. Whether you’ve chosen a DIY option or we’re doing it with you, we can talk you through the important decisions you need to make about your retirement income.

Need cash? Just click the “Get Cash” button.

It’s like the “easy” button, only better. You tell the software how much cash you need, and the software tells you what to sell from your portfolio – down to the asset level – to generate the income you need.

With savings accumulation, it’s easy to put your contributions on autopilot and watch your portfolio grow. But retirement is different. You can’t simply “set it and forget it.” It’s important to carefully create a plan to spend your savings – and you have to get it right since there won’t be much of a chance to make up for a bad choice. Then you have to pay attention to the details – or let Income Strategy™ do it for you.

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