General Disclosure


This website (“Site”) is operated and maintained by Retirement Benchmark, LLC (“Retirement Benchmark”), a registered investment advisor. Income Strategy™ (“Income Strategy™”) is a marketing brand owned by Retirement Benchmark. In working with this Site, you acknowledge that all services available on this site are non-discretionary, self-service tools. Any information on this Site, and the reports or other content generated by this Site, is educational in nature and should not be considered as advice. If you select the Financial Advice Package of services available through this website, or if you choose to purchase advice services offered through this Site for a fee, any such advice or guidance offered to you is through Retirement Benchmark, LLC. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training nor does it imply endorsement by any securities commission. Nothing on this Site should be construed as a solicitation, recommendation, or offer to buy or sell any security. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS, FURTHERMORE, ALL INVESTMENTS INVOLVE RISK AND MAY LOSE MONEY. There can be no assurance that hypothetical or actual performance shown on the Site will lead to the expected results shown or perform in any predictable manner.

All of the projections and calculations created by this Site use information provided by you, including your spending goals, life expectancy projection, marital status, risk tolerance, and others. If this information you provided, including your life expectancy projection(s), should prove wrong after the fact, then the suggested withdrawal strategies may not be the best strategies after the fact. Before selecting this or any other strategy, you should analyze it and compare it with other scenarios generated by your financial professional. It is ultimately your responsibility to carefully consider the information provided by this Site before adopting it.

Neither Social Security Solutions, Inc. nor Retiree Inc. shall have liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by information contained in or generated by this website. Social Security Solutions, Inc. is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.

Calculation Assumptions

The calculations in on this site are based solely on information provided by the user, data based on the accounts that users have aggregated using Plaid, Inc., historical market returns and the assumptions shown or selected by the user. Because there is no way to know all information about your finances or your personal situation, analysis may be incomplete or inaccurate. All insight provided is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute advice. You should not rely on this information as the only basis for your investment, financial, or tax planning decisions. No representations, warranties or guarantees are made as to the accuracy of any estimates or calculations. Retire Inc. is not liable for any damages or costs, or perceived damages, of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this Site. Before you adopt any strategy as your own, you should always consult a qualified professional legal, financial and/or tax advisor about your specific situation. Investing involves risk, and past performance is not a guarantee of, or necessarily indicative of, future return.

Income Strategy™ is intended to provide a basic view of how your retirement portfolio may support your stated spending goals. Calculations represent only a range of potential outcomes and cannot be assurances of that the projected or simulated results will be achieved or sustained. The potential for gain or loss may be more significant that the calculations represent. Additionally, you can make adjustments to variables such as spending, income, longevity, and more to see how changes in these variables can impact your strategy. All results are presented in today’s dollars unless changed by the user. The portfolio final balance represents the projections which ended at the selected life expectancy age with a balance above $0. We assume required minimum distributions begin at age 70½. To the extent that your income or Social Security payments or required minimum distributions exceed your stated spending needs, we assume the excess amount is reinvested in a taxable account.


While Income Strategy™ utilizes reasonable assumptions and methodology, the projections are hypothetical only. Additionally, Incomes Strategy™ has certain limitations. Some of these limitations include:

Failure to account for account management fees or trading costs you may incur may result in an overstatement of portfolio performance and retirement income.

Inability to project actual market conditions, including inflation and tax rates, may result in an over- or understatement of portfolio performance.

Failure of the software to account for IRS or plan contribution limits in savings and income projections.

Inability to project actual Cost of Living Adjustments to future Social Security benefits may result in higher or lower projections than benefits received.

If you entered information about a partner who is not your spouse, certain assumptions about taxes, Social Security, annuity, and pension benefits may be inaccurate.

Quickstart Report

The QuickStart report accessible from this Site is created using information you provide. This information is for general educational purposes only and is not intended to be viewed as guidance or advice. In order to create this report, we made assumptions that are described in detail in the QuickStart report generated for you. It is not intended to be considered as solicitation, investment planning, or legal or tax advice. Your “Get More” amount referred to within the QuickStart application and report is hypothetical and based on the assumptions disclosed in your detailed printed report. The information in this report is not guaranteed to be accurate. Some of the strategies referred to in this report may not be suitable for you; therefore, it is important that you consider the information in this report in the context of your own investment and retirement needs and objectives, including risk tolerance, investment and retirement goals, and time horizon. Retirement Benchmark shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by information contained in this report.