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We call this module “Optimize” because it considers your unique situation, compares multiple options and enables you to select a smarter income strategy in retirement. Years of research and innovation will get you more money in your retirement.

Our proprietary software does all the heavy lifting so you can –

  • Understand why your “top” income strategy can beat “conventional wisdom”
  • Create, compare and analyze different withdrawal strategies based on different scenarios you may face in retirement
  • Continually re-evaluate your strategy as your situation changes during retirement
  • Receive access to premium strategies we customized for you (Premier Only)

We call this module “Get Cash” because it is a simple way to replace that paycheck you received before you retired. Your monthly bills will continue to roll in and you need to understand where and when to “tap” the retirement savings you worked so hard to accumulate.

We make it easier for you to –

  • Tap your savings (401k, Roth, IRA, etc…) in the right sequence over time
  • Know the specific holding to liquidate at the time you need the cash
  • Adjust the amount of your cash withdrawal up or down based on your needs
  • Know when and how you must rebalance your portfolio after you ‘get cash’ (Premier Only)
  • Access to low cost model portfolios to simplify management of your investments (Premier Only)

We call this module “Monitor” because you will always know how you are doing. Your situation will likely change during retirement so we provide an easy-to-use dashboard to periodically check your progress.

We you give you more confidence by –

  • Tracking your progress throughout retirement
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your strategy as your situation changes
  • Providing special access to our experts for a discounted fee of $125 per hour
  • Proactively alerting you if there is a concern (Premier Only)

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